Bryan E. Miller, Pastor

Somerset Bible Baptist Church, Somerset, New Jersey

It is my honor and privilege to recommend to you Phil Rizzo, his wife Jen, and their fine family. I have had the privilege of knowing this family for over five years, have stayed in their home, have watched their service for the Lord, and now have the privilege of working with them to establish a church in a very needy area of New Jersey.

Phil is uniquely qualified for this adventure. He has been born into a family of hard working, visionary, contractors. He has learned the valuable lessons of diligent hours of labor, coupled with unusual insight to bring about dramatic victories. Phil has never allowed circumstances to set him back. He graduated from a prestigious East Coast school and went into business. But God has called him to the ministry and he willingly set aside his plans to go to Bible College and graduate.

Jennifer has grown by leaps and bounds through this adventure. I remember several years ago sitting up late into the night talking to the two of them and watching how Jen responded to the vision that God has given her husband. Truly this is a choice couple for God’s service.

Recently the Rizzo’s have experienced some trials in their faith, yet they have stood true to Christ. Though some of their dearest friends have forsaken them, they have not run from the call of God on their lives.

Hoboken is a needy area. This one square mile city is a typical New York influenced haven of wealthy urbanites. This will not be an easy task for there is no fundamental work in place. But if there is any one that God can use to change this situation, it will be Phil Rizzo. I heartily recommend that Brother Rizzo and his family be considered, supported, and overshadowed by the prayers of God’s people. Somerset Bible Baptist Church, Somerset, New Jersey

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Tim Ruhl, Pastor

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Chico, California

Two years ago, I met Bro. Philip Rizzo when I was preaching at a youth camp in Pennsylvania. He brought a group of teenagers and I remember admiring his zeal and enthusiasm. It was later that week that I learned that he was going to start a church. I told myself that wherever he goes, I would like to support him. When I called and did some background work, I was impressed.

Philip Rizzo has a sharp mind financially, a vision spiritually, and a caring heart compassionately. I invited him to our Missions Conference in 2011. He presented himself tremendously well.

I wholeheartedly recommend Philip Rizzo as a man who cares about the people of Hoboken, New Jersey. We have taken him on for support and I pray that you will do the same. We definitely need good, solid, Bible believing churches in the heavily populated areas of our nation. Help this man to help people. He just needs a little help to get started and God will use him to do the rest.

Dr. Don Sisk, Chairman of Missions Department
West Coast Baptist College

It is with great joy that I write a letter of recommendation for Philip and Jennifer Rizzo. I believe that this great family will be greatly used of God to build a church in a very needy area which is Hoboken, New Jersey.

Philip is a very successful businessman and has totally dedicated his life to serving God. These folks have been faithful at the Central Baptist Church in Southington, Connecticut, and have been used of God in various ministries. I believe God has wonderfully prepared them for a great ministry.

Philip and Jennifer are both very dedicated Christians. They love each other, they love their family, they love their church, and they love their work of God.

Any church that invites these people in will be blessed, not only by Philip and Jennifer, but by the beautiful children that God has given them. Any church that partners with them will receive great dividends on their investment.

It is always a great joy to me to see someone who is burdened to start a new church in a needy area. I trust that you will be much in prayer for this family, and if you can possibly have them into your church, you would do that.

If I can be of any help to you or answer any questions for you, do not hesitate to let me know.

Kurt W. Skelly, Pastor

Senior Pastor
Faith Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Someone once wisely remarked that "God has a prepared place for a prepared person." Undoubtedly this statement has proven to be true in the lives of the Philip Rizzo family.

When one becomes acquainted with the unique details of Philip Rizzo's testimony including his upbringing, overcoming of physical adversity, subsequent athletic successes, business training, and-most importantly-his remarkable conversion experience, he can see the unmistakable fingerprint of God upon his life.

Phil Rizzo has been specially prepared by the Lord to confront the specific challenges of the upwardly mobile lifestyles of the people of Hoboken, New Jersey. His business acumen and success will lend credibility to the endeavor, and his call of God and spiritual passion will add the sense of purpose and needed power to accomplish the establishment of a local New Testament Baptist church.

We stand completely behind this good man in our prayers and financial support. We encourage you to make a similarly wise investment in him.

Charles Clark III, Pastor

Co-Director of the Northeast Vision
Solid Rock Baptist Church, Berlin, New Jersey

Phil Rizzo is a man who has a heart for God and a heart for people. I believe God is going to use him to make a difference in the city of Hoboken, NJ. Like my own father, Phil has a background in construction that will serve him well as he connects with the people of Hoboken.

The Rizzo's are a sharp family, gifted and intelligent. I highly recommend that pastors and churches make a financial investment in this great ministry opportunity. Co-Pastor
Co-Director of the Northeast Vision
Solid Rock Baptist Church, Berlin, New Jersey


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Dr. Jim Townsley, Pastor

Central Baptist Church, Southington, Connecticut
President, New England Baptist College

I am pleased to recommend to you Philip Rizzo and his family as church planters to Hoboken, New Jersey. Phil and his family are faithful members of Central Baptist Church. Phil and his wife are both very capable servants of the Lord and I believe the Lord will use them to start and build a great church in the greater New York City area.

God has been preparing Phil and his wife, Jen, for several years and I am confident they will do a great job planting this church. I can say with confidence that they are worthy of your support and that your investment in their ministry will prove to be fruitful.

Central Baptist Church is firmly behind their effort and our church will do everything possible to insure that this new church becomes a success. Please consider supporting them in this great venture for the souls of men. Central Baptist Church, Southington, Connecticut
President, New England Baptist College